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October 23rd, 2008 at 2:13 pm
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Yes, I try and avoid posts that are controversial, I don’t even know if I spelled it right.  Mostly I like to keep people happy and peaceful on the ranch.  This is an angry and accusatory post, and I’m sorry, but darn it, there is a time and this is it!  If I offend you, then you click my links and read this information, and I’ll gladly listen to your opinions, email me allena at thethreeringranch dot com and say whatever you want, cuss me out, I don’t mind.  But if you aren’t brave enough to read what I have provided, and watch the various videos, then don’t bother arguing with me, because I don’t respect you enough to care what you think about it.  I have been up two nights in a row feeling guilty for not speaking out and stating what I think about the upcoming elections and this topic. Mostly because of things like this.

I don’t care who wins, per-se I only care about one issue, and it is by this issue that I cast my votes, and that is on abortion.  There is so much denial and hedging on this issue.  First is how many?  Read here, that the numbers are at an all time low, since 1974, but that is still an estimated 1.21 million abortions in the US. (I’d also like to point out, that this is a pro abortion institution reporting these numbers)   Note that 89% of abortions are done in the first trimester, that is, before  12 weeks.  But, also note that leaves 11% done after the first trimester, which is about 133,100 later term abortions, in the US.  Early does not mean humane, but later is even worse.  Of course a baby fetus has a heart beat at 3 weeks, and that is likely to be before the mother even knows she’s pregnant.  Many of you may be tempted to close the post, it’s long, but listen, what are you afraid of?  The truth?  Obama supporters have been telling me that I’m making this up…I’ve proved it here, follow the links. And just don’t even talk to me about him if you aren’t willing to see what he wants in this issue.

If you are pro-life, then you need to listen to me.  If you are pro-choice you especially need to listen to me.  This is important, and it isn’t about anyone’s choice or right.  It isn’t about rape or incest or economic means.  Even though I can prove that each one of these instances is in fact, a farce.  Regardless, this issue is not even necessarily moral, but about compassion.  You can also see that the mothers suffer greatly as well.  I am not targeting women who have had abortions, I can only feel compassion for you, and I am so sorry that you may have felt the need to do that.  What I am attacking is the absolute lack of knowledge about how these things are done, and what it is Sen Obama and those like him, support.

Senator Obama failed to support the Born Alive Infant Protection act -in 2001, 2002 and again in 2003- read it here

As an aside, he also hopes as his FIRST act as President to sign this.  It is of the utmost importance to him, but funny how we aren’t hearing about it on the news?  For a general explanation of what this would change click here.  This would undo the ban on partial birth abortion that was upheld by the supreme court.  Which I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t support a ban on this horrific murder procedure.  Don’t have any qualms about it? Think it can save the life of the mother?  Wrong again -  Find out what it is you support here.

The Infant Protection Act, basically says that if a baby fetus is accidentally fully expelled from the mothers body before they killed aborted it, and if it is showing signs of life, that a Dr must be obtained for the infant and steps taken to save it.  There is no question that, there are plenty of adoptive parents waiting to care for the child fetus.  Until this act passed, on Aug 5th 2002, the baby was left alone to die, cold and alone, or strangled to death by the abortionist.

He failed to vote for it, because of several reasons. There’s much more, but here is one quote that says enough -

“What we are doing here is to create one more burden on women, and I can’t support that,” Obama concluded, and voted “no” in committee again.”

The bottom line is, he tried his best, to make it impossible to pass a bill giving fully born and separate beings medical care.

Well my question is, dear readers, if a baby fetus, that is alive and completely separate from it’s mother host isn’t human, then who among us is?  If Sen Obama is so hardened and cold that he doesn’t even feel compassion for a newborn infant fetus, then how can he care about me, or you, or even the elusive “mother” he is defending the rights of?  How is she a mother, if it, A) isn’t human and B) isn’t alive and C) isn’t a baby?  Why do we call her a Mother in the first place?  Read more about what abortions are and how they are performed here.  If you support pro choice candidates and you don’t read this, then you are a coward, and you are denying the reality, so you can vote for whatever you hope to gain for YOURSELF.

I challenge you to watch this video if you do not support pro life legislation.  If you vote for pro choice candidates, then you should at least be willing to see what you are supporting.  Watch them all, if you can stand to, they aren’t pleasant.  If you aren’t compassionate to these babies things that are being tortured to death, torn apart and burned with chemicals, well then you are just the same as Mr Obama.  If someone was doing this to puppies, people would be burning down the capital.  How sad that we have become such a despicable race.  Abortion is the most evil, most diabolical and most important issue of our times, but people turn their faces away while millions of their brothers and sisters are killed because they aren’t old enough to vote.

PLEASE! Please take the time, to look at these videos, and decide if you really ARE pro-choice. If you are willing to support pro-choice candidates, then you should have the courage to SEE what you support. This video project shows you in medical terms from textbooks, and models how abortions are preformed.  If you feel the convenience of the mother outweighs the rights of the unborn after watching these videos, then you can support pro choice candidates with no qualms, because you are heartless.

How can anyone stomach the possibility that over 1.21 MILLION people fetuses, or whatever you want to call them that dehumanizes them, are being torn, battered and burned to death?  Why are their mothers feelings more important?  Of course we must help mothers and give them care, compassion, but not this, never this.  Nothing deserves to die in such a horrific way, nothing, not a dog, cat or cow.  Not a pig or rabbit, nothing deserves this, much less something that at the very least WILL BECOME human… I don’t think anyone argues that point.  There has to be a better way.

Their bodies are all too often sold and used in cosmetics, vaccines and other medical uses.  They, if not human, have nerve endings, and are developed plenty enough to FEEL the pain of their deaths.  Big money is made off abortions, will it be enough to pay for the abortions Obama wants to fully fund with medicaid?  Is this the “health care plan” he offers us? This act is intrinsically evil, and nobody should support it for any reason.

But how important are 1.21 million peoples torturous deaths compared to the important issues, such as the war, health care and the economy?  I would rather starve to death and die myself, then to stain my hands with this, as I have in the past supported, because I was too lazy to actually know what I was talking about.  Pro – choice sounds so reasonable, if you don’t think about it too much.  I wish, someone had told ME sooner.  There aren’t enough gigs on the web to write all there is to say about how horrid this is.  But nobody cares, this man will win, in all likelihood, because people are assuming he has some magic formula for economic security and “change” Well, it’s just not the kind of change I want, and frankly I think it’s pretty naive to believe that all the economic problems we are having are because of the Republican party and our present President.  The democrats, including Senator Obama had their fingers in the pie too.  I won’t support this to put a dollar in my pocket.

It makes me sick to my stomach, but at least I may be able to sleep tonight.  I have disabled comments, because this might draw in outsiders (people I don’t know)

If you are pregnant and need help, it is available:

Carenet/Heartbeat 1-800-395-HELP
Crisis Pregnancy Helpline 1-888-4-OPTIONS
Birthright 1-800-550-4900
National Life Center 1-800-848-LOVE
Bethany Christians Services 1-800-238-4269

Abortion Recovery Help 1-877-HOPE-4-ME or 1-800-5-WE-CARE. See for more information.

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