The Three Ring Ranch

Are you looking for beautiful dairy goats in Missouri? You have come to one of the many places to find some excellent genetics. We are located in southwest Missouri and we have LaMancha and LaMancha cross dairy goats. Our dairy goat herd started as a 4H project, but I quickly got hooked on showing goats! Now it's a family affair.

We have a healthy herd of dairy goats here in Missouri. We are CAE and CL free! We practice prevention of all of these issues, bio security at other farms, shows and anywhere we are exposed to goats. We have all CAE negative does, and we test yearly before kidding, we also practice CAE prevention as outlined by ADGAs recomendations. The health of our dairy goats is important to us.

Dairy goats in Missouri are very competitive nationally, we have many herds that do well at nationals, making the cut and getting under 10th place, udder placements and reserve champions! We use genetics from does that excel in show, linear appraisal as well as production. We try to stick with bucks that have the production, LA scores and show records behind them.

We like a very long lived, productive and healthy dairy goat. We do not like to medicate or deworm excessively and we have bred for health and vigor aggressively. We do not like does that require huge amounts of concentrate to produce solid amounts of milk, nor do we like dairy goats that are nervous and easily upset. We actively try to introduce genetics that help make these does healthy and productive on reasonable amounts of feed and suppliments. We are happy to share our management practices and recommendations with you.

All of our does and bucks must be extremely gentle, quiet and calm. We have 6 children running here and the does must be safe for children to interact with. Each of our does and bucks are hand raised and cared for, and taught to be gentle and respectful to their people. We select only the calmest and pleasant tempered bucks to use.

Each of our does is very productive. We expect a yearling to produce 5 -8 pounds at peak and maintain that steadily, we expect 10 from a two year old and more from older does. We only select bucks that have excellent production behind them to help make a strong doe that will milk well.

We breed for does that are easy to milk with reasonable teat size. We breed for easy milkers that do not leak or have mastitis problems due to overly large orifices. Many past customers tell us that our does are the easiest and most pleasant to milk!

Our chief product on the farm is breeding stock, however we also have family milking goats available as well as some wethers for brush control or as pets/meat. Email me to be put on our waiting list for milkers and wethere, there is no fee, and we will notify you when milkers/wethers come available. First come first serve on the waiting list.

We expect some nice young doelings and bucks this spring, a $100 non-refundable deposit will reserve the kid of your choice, or allow us to hold an animal for 30 days. Reserve your kid today to lock in our pre-kidding prices!

Thanks for checking us out! We welcome your questions and hope that you have enjoyed our website.

The Jackson Family
Humansville, MO